New Book: Take Back The Fight

Nora Loreto’s new book explores feminism in Canada today, and how it has been bought and sold, co-opted by politicians and business leaders, and distorted by social media. To build a movement that can successfully fight against power, feminists need to build something that is pan-Canadian, anti- racist and anti-capitalist.

Out October 25 2020

Upcoming events

  • Fall 2020
    Sept. 17 – New Brunswick Media Co-op AGM
    Sept. 27 – Word on the Street literary festival online – Hosting the panel “The Truth about Pandemics”

    Oct. 15 – Q&A of Judy vs. Capitalism with Judy Rebick

    Oct. 25 – the book is OFFICIALLY OUT

    Oct. 26 – Nora’s national book launch extravaganza: hosted online. RSVP here.

    Oct. 29 – Ryerson Social Justice Week – Gendering the political landscape.

    Nov. 20 – Live recording of Sandy and Nora for the Vancouver Podcast Festival

  • Winter 2020
    Hiding in basement hoping for best

  • Spring 2020
    COVID vaccine release party TBD

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Nora Loreto
Quebec City, Canada