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Cover for Spin Doctors out November 2021.

New book: Spin Doctors

This book documents each month of the first year of the pandemic and examines the issues that emerged, from racialized workers to residential care to policing. It demonstrates how politicians and uncritical media shaped the popular understanding of these issues and helped to justify the maintenance of a status quo that created the worst ravages of the crisis. Spin Doctors argues alternative ways in which Canadians should understand the big themes of the crisis and create the necessary knowledge to demand large-scale change.

Out November 1, 2021

Take Back The Fight

Nora Loreto’s book explores feminism in Canada today, and how it has been bought and sold, co-opted by politicians and business leaders, and distorted by social media. To build a movement that can successfully fight against power, feminists need to build something that is pan-Canadian, anti- racist and anti-capitalist.

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  • Fall 2021
    SPIN DOCTORS Launch in Quebec City: Wednesday, December 8. Event details here.

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