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Nora Loreto

Nora Loreto

Writer. Activist. Podcaster.

Nora Loreto is one of Canada’s most sought-after public speakers to talk about social movements, leftwing organizing, media, the rise of the far right and the role that the labour movement plays in modern democracy.

She also co-hosts the popular podcast Sandy and Nora Talk Politics with Sandy Hudson.

Nora's recent bylines.

Spin Doctors relies not on one-off tragedies or impersonal statistics but rather a rhythmic and consistent approach to writing that couldn’t make the author’s argument any clearer: Canadian media failed to write stories that connected the country’s pandemic response to its own capitalistic impulses. And we are now paying the price.

Sarah Krichel, The Tyee

Charting a tumultuous history of mainstream feminism, Nora Loreto’s Take Back the Fight is a clarion call for a large-scale, intersectional and radical feminist movement in Canada.

Harsha Walia, Author of Undoing Border Imperialism

As someone who suffers from pandemic fatigue as much as any news junkie, I was surprised to feel a sense of relief as I read Spin Doctors. It is a much-needed reminder that confusion, rage, distrust, and nausea are not inevitable outcomes of a pandemic. If you are suffering from any of those symptoms, it is certainly worth reading.

Kathleen Adamson, The Charity Report

Podcast Host.

Nora is a podcast host, producer and sound engineer. She is the co-host of the popular politics podcast Sandy and Nora and is the host of Thirtywood and Take Back the Fight.

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