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Radio Silence

6 Aug

I’ll be analyzing the recent article in the Ottawa Citizen that tried to identify why the student movement outside of Canada is so different than inside Canada, but I have a final paper due for my summer courses for my MEd on Tuesday and it really can’t be put off any longer. So, stay tuned.

Until then, chew on this: My essay is on the devaluation of common knowledge. Instead, elite knowledge has replaced common knowledge that, be definition not everyone can have. The result of this is that the world of ideas is dominated by a really small group of men and the rest of us occupy ourselves with distractions. This affects social cohesion and democracy, and identifying why we’re all frustrated over “the way things are” becomes such a hard task that people instead disengage.

This makes it easier to control the population, obviously. And, as the commodification of knowledge continues to accelerate, we’ll keep seeing access to the creation and analysis of “knowledge” restricted.

The question we’re supposed to be answering is what have we learned in our most recent round of studies. I think I’m doing that…

If you have thoughts on knowledge, on what I’ve written above or something that I should add, I’d love to hear from you. Really. Even if you don’t think what you have to say is very interesting. I’m most interested in those comments. Comment below or shoot me an email.