Nora-editedI’m an activist, writer and musician based in Québec City. I work for the Canadian Association of Labour Media and work on other projects from time to time. Je milite pour Québec solidaire et m’implique dans le réseau écosocialiste. Malheureusement, cette blogue est en anglais parce que j’écris comme une petite enfant en français.

Before I left Toronto in June 2012, I was the Communications and Government Relations Coordinator for the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario (the source of most of my government-related angst) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Ryerson Free Press. My undergraduate degree was a dog’s breakfast that turned out to officially be a BA in Public Administration and Governance, with minors in Journalism, History and Politics, (only one of those was recognized by Ryerson University, and another equaled enough credits to be a double major at most Ontario universities). I’m currently studying a Master’s in Education Foundations at the University of Saskatchewan. I’m part of that club who can say I had a radio show, back in the day, when CKLN FM in Toronto was still a thing.

Visit the “music” page up top to check out my music.

If you want to reach me, get at me on Twitter at @nolore or figure out another way.  There are many.

Whatever you do, don’t Google me. Most of it has my name misspelled. (But you have to Google the misspelled name to see what pops up….)

Thanks for reading.

**All my posts can be used without my permission granted I retain authorship and you send me a link to the article and/or email me about your distribution plan**

5 Responses to “About”

  1. rachel at 3:05 pm #

    Based on your post abt white priviledge, I think we should be facebook friends (www.facebook.com/rachel.decoste) and allies in the continuous fight against discrimination in our country. I am not aboriginal, but I am a viz min and your post resonnated with me.

    Hope to hear from you.

    PS: some of my articles from HuffPo may interest you… http://huff.to/PAsTzx

  2. Fightfordemocracy at 7:32 pm #

    Hi. I read your poppy piece in rabble. Thought I’d just mention November 11 is also St. Martin’s day. St Martin is famous for cutting his cloak in half and giving half of it to a beggar. In some north European countries they have lantern-lit processions, bombfires and parties to celebrate this saint. Much better than glorifying war. Yes, St. Martin is a model for us all, especially those warmongers so eager to drag Canada into the next insane conflagration. A little more cloak sharing is what the world needs.

  3. Sylvain at 8:25 pm #

    I am already happy to see that you present and describe yourself well. The most widely facebook-shared articles about IDLE NO MORE come from “Warrior publications”, who are anti-INM. Trolls share them on INM pages. Their authors and the editors are ghosts with nicknames and when I asked for an author to identify himself I was barred from leaving comments on their site. Now that your credibility has been pre-approved by my now critic judgement in my choice of authors, I feel good to start reading you. Peace and truth to you and all your relations.

  4. mort shirkhanzadeh at 7:14 pm #


    I read with interest your article on quality assurance council, http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/nora-loreto/2012/11/what-quality-assurance-practices-mean-ontarios-universities. Can I make a link to this article for my website?


    Mort Shirkhanzadeh

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