For Canada Day

1 Jul

There are too many reasons to count to not celebrate Canada Day. But, there’s a good reason to celebrate too: long weekend in the summer. If the Ontario government was smart, they’d start laying on long weekends, celebrating other vacant points in Ontario’s collective past. People would for sure celebrate Banting Day, Bill Davis Day or McGuinty Fun-Day if it meant more time at the cottage.

Leisure time is really, really important. Why not use it to forward a myth-making day of festivities? People will forget about the HST if they’re on a dock in Parry Sound. They will.

But I digress.

Today, the Globe and Mail published Drew Hayden Taylor’s epic smack-down of an opinion piece. White people, here’s your one-time Canada Day special: Native people apologize back!

Piling all these issues into one opinion piece reminds me how little, good coverage exists in the mainstream press about/by/for, as Taylor says it, NAFNIP (native/aboriginal/first nations/indigenous people). It’s awesome that the Globe published this today, but it does not absolve it’s editors from actually covering NAFNIP stories, issues struggles etc. properly every other day of the year.

Enjoy the long weekend. Remember kids, pass out on your backs tonight.

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